Other caterers look to fill the void left by Sammy's sudden decision to close all facilities

CLEVELAND - The decision by Sammy's to close all restaurants and catering operations has left other Northeast Ohio caterers working to take up the slack.

"They were a formidable company so this comes a bit of a shock," said Charles Klass, Vice President at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven. "Sammy's has been around for a long time and were almost an institution in the catering business along with us."

Klass said they've received several calls and are already working to help a bride whose wedding is this weekend.

"We're trying to work with them maybe revise the menu a little bit and do what we can so they can still fit into whatever budget they have."

"It's an awful situation and we've been there before," he said. "We had a Country Club a golf course that went out of business and we had brides who had paid deposits and we work with them."

"It's pretty traumatic for the people involved," he said.

Brandon Nebeker can relate to that, he's worked for Sammy's for the past year and found out from his manager Monday morning that he no longer had a job.

"I've got four month old twins at home, I kind of need the job," he said.  "You don't think hey I'm gonna wake up Monday morning and not have a job."

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