Owner calls changing landscape of northeast Ohio grocery stores 'war'

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - When it comes to groceries, Corinne Bomba likes to shop around.

"I know which store has which and I watch pricing," she said.

She has plenty of options, from traditional grocery stores to discount department stores to drug stores.

"There is a food revolution going on," said John Zagara, owner of Zagara's Marketplace in Cleveland Heights. "It's a war, really, and this revolution is taking us across all spectrums of food, all spectrums of retails from the very biggest at Walmart to the very smallest mom and pops and that revolution's going to have some collateral damage."

It's the consumer who is winning the food wars because of more choices in price, quality, and shopping venue, according to Tom Bonda, Visiting Professor of Marketing at John Carroll University. 

However, the future may not be as bright for some of the stores.

"There will be some that won't make it,"  he said.

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