Report: Cleveland police use of deadly force numbers down

CLEVELAND - Police have released the most recent arrest, deadly force and less lethal force statistics.

According to a report obtained by NewsChannel5, Cleveland police gathered the stats from 2006 through 2012.

Cleveland police made a total of 35,730 arrests in 2012, which includes surrenders and court appearance arrests.

2012 had the lowest number of arrests dating back to 2006.

Cleveland's Deadly Force stats are based on any action likely to cause death or serious injury by use of firearms, any force or instrument of force.

In 2012, CPD reported 22 incidents involving use of deadly force, the second lowest number of incidents since 2009 where 19 cases were reported.

"It's all about the services we provide, and when those numbers are going down, I'd like to believe that we're providing a better service to the community," said Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath.

In the last six years, use of less lethal force stats, including use of taser, bodily force, O.C. and all less lethal force was the lowest in 2012.

"Every year, we really address non-deadly and deadly force incidents in our training throughout the year," said McGrath.

Arrests, use of deadly force and less lethal Force incidents are down across the board in Cleveland since 2006.

But, local community activist Kathy Coleman questioned the accuracy of the statistics Thursday since they were released by the police department itself.

"We want a comprehensive review," said Coleman. "We want statistics based on valid research."

She added that no matter how much deadly force is used each year, the important factor is whether each incident is justified.

The report was request by NewsChannel5 after the United States Department of Justice and Ohio's Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez announced an investigation into the Cleveland Police Department over civil rights.

Read the full statistics:

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