Retired Cleveland police officer offers perspective on deadly chase and shooting case

CLEVELAND - The 22-minute Cleveland police chase on November 29, 2012, ended and changed lives, including the 13 police officers who were involved.

Not many people, other than police officers, understand the situations they face daily. Retired Cleveland police officer Jim Simone has been in life and death situations.

"Hundreds of times, it didn't end up in deadly force all of the time. But, I killed five suspects in my 38 years," said Simone.

During his career, Simone was shot twice -- once in the head. He knows the officers involved in this shooting.

"I talked to them, the thing you have to remember is it's the perception. What they see at that moment in time, if they believe they are drawing real fire. As long as they believe they are in jeopardy, they have the right to fire their weapon," said Simone.

At the police academy at Lakeland Community College, the goal is to prepare students in the classroom for what to expect on the streets. Jamie Travano is the commander as well as a police officer.

"We have a nano second to make a decision. The administration, law department have days, weeks and months to scrutinize what we've done, " said Travano.

Police officers said that the goal is to go home at the end of the night and they said they don't come to the work with the intent to hurt anyone.

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