Rumors about possible return of LeBron James to Cavaliers in 2014 leave fans divided

CLEVELAND - It's amazing the difference a 45 minute drive can make when you mention the possibility of LeBron James coming back to the Cavaliers in 2014.

James accomplished what he set out to do when he made "The Decision" to leave the Cavs, going on to win an NBA Championship in 2012 with the Miami Heat.

The questions on the table: are the rumors true and would Wine and Gold fans even want him back?

Cleveland fans are still upset with James for leaving in 2010, but his hometown of Akron would take him in a heartbeat.

"He hurt us bad, so bad I don't know if we could ever. There's not forgiveness," said Cavs fan Eric Clark in Cleveland.

"I would be for it," said Sherise, who didn't want to give her last name. "I liked him. I just think he went about it the wrong way. I believe in giving people a second chance."

Ron Copp followed LeBron all through school. His children went to school with the NBA superstar. Copp feels it's time to move past LeBron's departure.

"We all, including Akron, were looking for LeBron to put us up on his shoulders and carry us the whole way. He didn't do that," said Copp. "We were mad at him for a while, but at least in this area we forgive him and we want him to come back."

Many agree the things he does for Akron and the children is admirable.

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