Some donations to Cleveland Courage Fund for kidnapping victims not tax deductible

CLEVELAND - Not all donors to a fund set up to assist the three women who were kidnapped then sexually assaulted in a Cleveland house over a decade will be able to mark down their contribution as a tax deduction.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland ( reported Tuesday that the fund has taken in more than $1.4 million since it was set up in May, but whether donors will get a tax deduction depends on who handled their donation.

The Cleveland Foundation and KeyBank set up accounts benefiting the Cleveland Courage Fund within days of the women's escape from their captor's home. The newspaper reported that while donations given to the fund through the foundation are tax deductible because the organization is a nonprofit, those made to KeyBank are not.

KeyBank has now become the sole collector as the foundation stopped receiving donations for the fund on June 30.

"We always intended to work on this on a short-term basis, as we're a nonprofit," said Michael Murphy, the foundation's director of communications. "KeyBank took over the long-term handling of it."

The fund's website explained that all donations will be equally disbursed into four individual trust accounts benefiting each of the women and the daughter of one of them.

The women's captor, Ariel Castro, hanged himself in a prison cell Sept. 3, a month into his life sentence under a plea agreement.

The women disappeared separately between 2002 and 2004. They and a child Castro fathered were rescued from his run-down house May 6 after one of the women broke through a screen door.

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