Sources: Woman attacked, nearly taken on Cleveland's east side in area of other incidents

CLEVELAND - Sources tell NewsChannel5 another woman has been attacked on Cleveland's east side. They say it happened just after midnight Monday near East 116th Street and Continental Avenue.

A woman said two men jumped out of a black Chevy Impala and grabbed her. The men began to take her into a backyard and that's when a Good Samaritan saw what was going on and yelled at the attackers. Police said the person yelled that they were going to call the police.

The men apparently let the woman go and took off in the black Impala. This attack happened about four or five blocks from where another woman near East 116th Street was attacked earlier in the year. The difference is she said it was one man and in this case it was two. Police at this time do not believe the cases are connected.

This year, the east side has been hit with a rash of attacks on women. Last week, a 16-year-old claimed she was grabbed by a man on a bicycle on her way to school. The body of Ashley Leszyeski was also found last week in a field on Anderson Avenue and East 93rd Street.

The body of Christine Malone was found on East 93rd and Bessemer near the end of March. It was found by a group of kids. That crime scene is just about a mile from where 20-year-old Jazmine Trotter's body was found under the porch of a vacant house on East 93rd Street.

Police are continuing to investigate the attacks.

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