St. Augustine hunger center in Cleveland remains open in frigid weather

CLEVELAND - The frigid temperature and snow-covered roads and sidewalks make it hard for many people to get out. Especially, for those who have to get out for their meals.

For many people, if they don't get out, they don't eat. The hunger centers are, many times, lifesavers. The St. Augustine Catholic Church hunger center in Cleveland was packed again on Tuesday. As it is everyday.

"There's a lot of love over here and a lot of gratitude," said David Lee Johnson.

Hot soup was the big item on the menu during this arctic blast. Wilbur Hayes is the hunger center's cook. He said they're open no matter what the weather is like. 

"Regardless of cold, there's no difference. We're still here. They still have to eat, their families have to eat," Hayes said.

The St. Augustine Catholic Church Hunger Center is open seven days per week.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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