Stories from the streets: Homeless community members address survivng winter, subzero temps

Watch extended interviews & find out how to help


In covering the extreme Arctic cold of the past few days, NewsChannel5 has highlighted the plight of those most vulnerable to the natural elements - the homeless.

We've also shown the extraordinary efforts by other members of our community to help and protect those who lack the security of permanent housing.

But realistically, the time constraints of television newscasts do not allow us to broadcast all the insight of the individuals involved.

The video attached here is a compilation of extended interviews with the people who struggle on the streets for survival and those who assist them.

The comments are real and raw, powerful and prophetic, desperate and heart wrenching -- and hopefully motivating.

If anyone wishes to volunteer or donate in the battle against poverty, hunger and homelessness, there are a number of links below to organizations that would appreciate the help.

Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

FrontLine Service

Homeless Stand Down

Metanoia Project

The City Mission

St. Augustine Hunger Center

NewsChannel5 thanks all who have spoken to us for their openness and honesty.

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