Strongsville parents gather to make decorations for classrooms as teachers strike hits day 10

Parents making decorations, educational posters

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Cold and sunny but quiet along the picket line outside Center Middle School in Strongsville around 9 this morning. No chanting, singing, or loud protesting like the sounds heard on the picket lines when the strike first started ten days ago. 

Meanwhile, just a block down Pearl Road and across the street, dozens of parents gathered in the meeting room at the Strongsville Public Library. These moms and dads are also unified, but instead of carrying picket signs, they walk in to the library carrying poster board, colorful markers and other decorations they bought at craft stores.

The parents say the children describe classrooms that resemble stripped down jail cells. Numerous students told NewsChannel 5 that before their teachers went on strike, the teachers removed classroom textbooks, posters from the walls, other classroom decorations and tissue boxes.

A teachers union spokesperson said teachers only took items that teachers paid for out of their own pockets.

The parents gathered here Thursday in the large public meeting room at the library are placing the tools for their crafts and posters on tables.

Their plan is to make colorful, educational posters to hang in the classrooms so the rooms don't look so empty and bare as the strike drags on.

Meanwhile, a social media blitz is under way by a group of parents and Strongsville taxpayers who are spreading the word about a demonstration planned for Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. at the clock tower. On Facebook, the event organizers wrote the event is to "show our support of the students, subs and schools, and encourage these teachers to end the strike and get back to work."

Earlier in the week on their Facebook page, the same group accused the striking teachers of bullying and intimidating behavior on the picket lines.

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