Tremont residents get update on second Innerbelt bridge project as first prepares to open

CLEVELAND - Tremont residents got an update Wednesday night on the plans for the area surrounding the second Innerbelt bridge, or "sideyard."

The area adjacent to Sokolowski's University Inn will have green space, parking and a link to the Towpath trail.

"We wanted to pay special attention to the community and really make it a nice place to live, a nice place to work and a nice place to visit," said ODOT Spokesperson Jocelynn Clemings.

Residents had a chance to see some renderings of the plans for the space that will be completed with the second bridge which will open to traffic in 2016.

In the meantime, residents will have to get used to the loss of the West 14th Street on-ramp to 90 East. The ramp will close later this month as demolition begins on the Innerbelt bridge.

The ramp was closed for much of 2008 because of safety concerns so residents who had to find alternate routes then are aware of the problems ahead.

"This happened to us once before," said Chris Pekoc, who travels frequently to University Circle. "It was a little longer commute and I'm always on the verge of being late so I wasn't crazy about it but I realize we got to make some sacrifices to get some improvements."

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