West side's Impett Park could be battle ground for Tamir Rice protest, parking spots

Come early to park for the protests Saturday

CLEVELAND - A park on Cleveland’s west side is getting ready for a battle over parking spaces.

The group, known as Protect our City, plans to protest the protesters who plan to fill Impett Park Saturday. Those protesters are upset about the time it has taken to reach a decision in the Tamir Rice case.

The group posted on Facebook, “Let’s not give them an inch of space in this park…Fill the lots full of vehicles,” said Tommy Gunn Snider, who runs the Facebook page. “We don’t want violence, we do want peace,” he continued.

The Ohio Student Association, founded in 2012, plans to lead the protest at the park. “There has been no movement towards justice for him or his family,” said Don Bryant, who is working with the group. He was out at the park counting parking spaces. Basically, he was doing a scouting report because of the post by Protect our City. “We are strict and adhere to nonviolence and we won’t engage with them,” he said.

Police tell newsnet5.com that they will be on hand, but only plan to make sure that both sides get to express their opinions.

Katie Smith, who has lived in the neighborhood all her life, said she won’t be at the park Saturday. She said she hopes everything can remain peaceful.

“Everybody is nervous especially in this area,” she said. "There are a lot of police and fireman in this area,” she continued.

Organizers said they picked the park because it is near the home of Cuyahoga County prosecutor Tim McGinty.

Police would not go into whether they would have extra police presence near his home.


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