YouTube video captures Cleveland hit and run, police arrest woman on DUI suspicion

CLEVELAND - A hit-skip crash in Cleveland on W. 45th Street and Bridge Avenue led to the driver being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Cleveland police said the wreck happened Saturday afternoon.

The video begins after the apparent hit-skip, where a gray SUV hits the back end of a red SUV. Next, you see the gray SUV take off and park, facing the wrong way, around the street corner.

Several witnesses walk over to the driver of the gray SUV and accuse of her trying to flee the scene. After a few seconds, the driver of the gray SUV erratically takes off only to be momentarily followed by a police cruiser.

(Mobile users can watch hit-skip here:

Authorities said the brief pursuit ended with the driver of the SUV crashing her vehicle into a pole. EMS treated the suspected drunken driver at the scene, authorities said, and the hit-skip remains under investigation.

Cleveland resident John Stanchina posted the video to YouTube, noting he heard a loud boom in his office "and some cussing. Came out to basically the first part of the video."


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