Eastside communities continue to deal with Mother Nature's snowy "October Surprise" into the night

CHESTERLAND, Ohio - Lynn Drive in Chesterland is a study of contrasts on this October night, the orange glow Halloween decorations reflecting off the white of the new fallen snow, children working on snowmen as FirstEnergy lineman worked to restore power and heat to their homes and down the road Bill Peltz's son shoveling in Crocs.

"They're comfortable," he joked. The family woke to the sound of a tree limb hitting the roof, the rude awakening though came when they saw what caused the branch to snap.

"A little surprise coming this early, it's still October, not used to that," Peltz said.

Off Mayfield Road fast food restaurants saw a steady stream of powerless customers seeking a warm spot to grab a bite to eat or in the case of Will McCashland who came went out with his two young children, an escape from the powerless world at home.

"We've been all kind of bored and pacing around because we're used to having our electronics on," he said. An experience that forced them to, well, interact. "I know we were forced to sit in the same room and it was driving us all crazy," he joked.

While snow can have a deafening effect on many noises in a lot of Chesterland neighborhoods that silence was broken by portable generators. Dennis Goff thought about going out to buy one for his powerless home, his wife didn't wait.

"My wife bailed and went to a hotel," Goff said. When asked if she at least shared the location he laughed, "Oh yeah, I took her up there. Her and the granddaughter are up there swimming in the pool enjoying the heat."

Comforting as well is the thought for many that as quickly as this taste of winter came, it could leave. The high temperature a year ago on October 25? 80 degrees.

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