Cleveland Catholics holding special services as papal election begins

Traits for new pope vary

CLEVELAND - Catholic parishes throughout the Diocese of Cleveland are holding special services as cardinals in Rom begin the process of electing a new pope.

Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon celebrated a noon Mass at St. John Cathedral where hundreds of Catholics offered their prayer for cardinals who will decided over the next few days on the next leader of their church.

In his homily, Bishop Lennon asked "that God may choose a pastor for us -- a priest -- who is truly holy and truly caring of God's people."

The traits vary widely among Catholics when it comes to what they want in a new leader.

"Welcome kids and young people back into the church that have gotten away from it," said Brian Rozcicha.

Jack Palumbo stressed, "the church really needs to get a grip on some of the inappropriate conduct by priests."

"Just a good spiritual leader, someone who will direct the church in the right direction," said Bill Johanni.

No one expected a pope to be named Tuesday, and as Bishop Lennon pointed out, the conclave could easily go three days before a decision is reached.

"Pope Benedict," said Bishop Lennon," was voted on the fourth ballot. So they just got into the third day and the first vote on the third day -- he was elected."

The cardinals continue voting Wednesday morning with two ballots in the morning and two more in the afternoon.

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