Family of Parma man killed by Cleveland police officer frustrated by delay in disciplinary action

CLEVELAND - The family of a Parma man shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in July of 2011 is frustrated city officials have yet to discipline the two officers involved in his death.

Daniel Ficker, was shot and killed July 3, 2011, by Cleveland police officer Matthew Craska. Craska and another Cleveland police officer, Dave Mindek, had gone to Ficker's Wareham Drive home in Parma to question him about a burglary at Mindek's home.

Ficker's parents, Bernadette Rolen and Dennis Ficker, said Cleveland police told them the internal affairs investigations into the incident was finished months ago. However, there is no disciplinary hearing scheduled for administrative charges against Craska and Mindek.

"You just can't go on with your life. We still have this going on," said Dennis Ficker.

"It's like there's no closure. You have to open that wound up again every time something comes up that wound gets opened again," said Rolen.

Cleveland officials turned down our requests for an on-camera interview, but sent us this statement:

"Officer Craska and Officer Mindek still face administrative charges stemming from the July 2011 use of deadly force incident that took place in Parma. However, given the ongoing court case, the City will not be able to schedule the disciplinary hearings. Once the court case is closed, the City will be able to proceed with the administrative charges."  -  Maureen Harper, Chief of Communications, Office of the Mayor

Ficker and Rolen said the civil lawsuit they filed against the city should not interfere Craska and Mindek will facing disciplinary action.

"If they're wrong, they're wrong, do something. It's really that simple," said Ficker.

Craska and Mindek still work for Cleveland police, but have limited contact with the public and do not respond to emergency calls.

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