Humbled and embarrassed, Browns owner, Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam updates plan on FBI probe

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Pilot Flying J CEO called the issues surrounding his company a very humbling, embarrassing time for himself, family and Pilot Flying J.

Haslam updated a five-point plan he instituted after the allegations.

1. An internal audit team was brought into Knoxville. Every trucking company that had a manual rebate problem was paid back by July 1, Haslam said. The manual rebate process has now been done away with and every single deal with every single trucking company has been reduced to writing.

2. Expand scope to all trucking companies dating back eight years and with 7,000 companies reviewed.

3. Rebuild sales team

4. Haslam said an advisory committee has been appointed to establish a compliance office for Pilot Flying J. The company did not have experience within that realm so Haslam said it was important to get right. Four people make up the committee.

5. Appoint an independent council to research the investigation, which is an ongoing process.

Because the investigation is continuing at this time, Haslam said he was unable to answer any questions.

“Pilot Flying J continues to do well,” Haslam said, noting that the company will open 25 more locations this year.

At least 27 trucking companies have sued Pilot Flying J for alleged fuel rebate fraud.

Pilot Flying J has reached a tentative settlement regarding those class action lawsuits but it's not clear how many trucking companies have agreed to the terms that could win final court approval in November.

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