Checking in with Chase: Singing, talking, dancing and a great fashion sense

CLEVELAND - What happened to my little baby who couldn't walk or talk but would just smile, laugh and coo? He's gone! Mr. Chase is on the scene now and he has a lot to say to the world.

First of all he is in pre-school but we're not allowed to call it that. We must say "the big kids room" because that's how he views it. He enjoys going to the "big kids room" and like interacting with the other kids in his class.

I notice when I drop him off that the little girls come running toward him to say "Good Morning Chase." I think that's so sweet of them to give my little guy a special greeting. But then I hear one of the little girls say, "Chase will you be my best friend?" And my son replies, "I'll be your best friend tomorrow but not today." Clutch the pearls and call me nosey, but my mouth dropped at that moment. I wanted to tell Chase to be her friend today but I noticed how she was okay with the arrangement, so I walked away in silence.

Chase also has a strong love for candy. He loves candy. If he could get away with it, he would eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The funny thing is that Chase does not own up to the fact that he loves candy. He blames his love for candy on everybody else. He said to me, "Mommy, I don't want the candy but everybody keeps giving it to me." Once again I shake my head and walk away in silence.

If you've been reading my blogs on Chase you know that he loves singing and that hasn't changed. He loves music and actually picks up songs quickly. It amazes me how he can hear a song one time and then begin to sing it back to me correctly.  He still performs in the mornings in front of the mirror but now he's added dance moves. Chase has his own choreography and then at the end, you guessed it, he takes a bow. Yes, I think I have a little entertainer on my hands.

We've started him Tae Kwon Do which he seems to enjoy. The only problem we seem to have is that Chase tends to look in the mirror too much while he's kicking instead of paying attention to the instructor. What can I say, the boy likes to watch himself at work.

But the thing that really tickles me about Chase is his criticism of my attire. First, let me say that Chase likes to look neat and well put together when he goes to the "big kids room." Correction, Chase likes to look good whenever he steps out the door. His clothes don't have to be fancy, but he likes to look neat. My father, his P-Pop, is a very sharp dresser and when they are together, well let's just say they share the mirror.

So, Chase expects me to look neat and nice when we leave in the morning on our way to the "big kids room." Well I have a confession. I'm usually in sweats and a baseball cap in the morning and there's not a lick of makeup on my face. Chase will say to me, "Mommy, are you wearing that to the big kids room? You can't wear that!" Well, after giving the mini fashion police a sideways look, I glance at the mirror and I see that I could look a little better, but I don't care at that hour of the morning. I'm doing a drop-off and then I'm coming back home to put on my pajamas and drink my coffee. I will admit there are a few times I might switch from sweats to a pair of jeans but then Chase will tell me he doesn't like my shoes! 

A noticeable difference in Chase this year is his awareness of toys advertised on television. Chase wants every toy that he sees and has no problems verbalizing it. So, I told him that he could talk to Santa about the toys he likes. Well, I must have said "talk to Santa" one too many times because he finally replied to me and said, "Mommy, Santa is out of town. I want it now!" I had to hold my laugh when he said Santa was out of town because I'm thinking to myself how does he know that?

As you can see, life with Chase is never boring. So, as he continues to learn how to write and read I guess I better go work on my wardrobe for "the big kids room."

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