Danita's Dish: Social media has proven positive benefits

CLEVELAND - I have not always been a fan of social media. Facebook and Twitter were two words that were not in my vocabulary and I was totally OK with that.

But times are changing and I must change with the times. So, now that I have adopted these two social-media vehicles into my daily routine, I've come to learn that there are some benefits. One in particular motivated me to write this blog.

Recently, I decided to ask my Facebook friends to pick any topic they'd like and I would chat with them about it. Marriage and maintaining healthy relationships came up immediately. The comments were coming in fast and everybody was putting in their own two cents.

Eventually, the conversation began to paint a picture of several like-minded women dealing with the same challenges. We were all encouraging and helping one another and it was great. So one of the women decided to create a group Facebook page where we all could continue to interact, but it would be private. I told her it was an excellent idea because I truly enjoyed sharing with them.

So, the next day it was done. Since then, we communicate via Facebook daily, and we pray for each other and write positive messages to keep our attitudes in the right place.

One woman had never been out on a date night with her husband until I created that post, and since then, the two went out for a great evening and she loved it. She even posted pictures of the two of them on the group page and we applauded her for stepping out of her comfort zone.

I had several good moments like the one I just described on Facebook. I am glad to be an active participant in social media because it has its good points, just like it has its bad points. But we're being positive today so I'm not going there.

So, stay open to change. You never know what could blossom from it.

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