District attorney not seeking death penalty for Nate Summerfield in murder of Lynn Jackenheimer

ASHLAND, Ohio - Authorities in North Carolina will not seek the death penalty for an Ashland, Ohio man accused of killing his girlfriend.

Nate Summerfield is charged with stabbing and strangling 33-year-old Lynn Jackenheimer while the two were on vacation in Nags Head over the Fourth of July in 2012.

Attorney for the first district of North Carolina Frank Darrish said it is not a capital case because Summerfield was indicted on first-degree murder. Only aggravated murder charges are eligible for the death penalty in North Carolina, prosecutors said.

If convicted, Summerfield faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

After Jackenheimer's murder, Summerfield came back to Ohio, and dropped their then-3-year-old son and her teen daughter with a family friend, police said. On July 14, a construction worker found Jackenheimer's remains in a bag in Frisco, North Carolina.

After five weeks on the run, Summerfield was arrested at a hotel in Wadsworth on Aug. 15 and extradited to Dare County.

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