Man takes plea deal in Ashland forced labor case, agrees to testify against three others

ASHLAND, Ohio - One of the four people accused in the Ashland slave labor cases pleaded guilty on Thursday.

Daniel J. Brown, 33, pleaded to one count of conspiracy, the U.S. Department of Justice said. As part of his plea deal, he agreed to cooperate with investigators and testify against his codefendants.

Brown admitted he conspired with three others to hold a woman with cognitive disabilities and her daughter against their will. The group is accused of threatening the victims with snakes and dogs, forcing them to eat dog food and making them sleep in unsafe conditions in an Ashland apartment.

Jordie L. Callahan, Jessica L. Hunt and Dezerah L. Silsby face charges of conspiracy to violate laws, forced labor, theft of government beneficts and acquiring a controlled substance by deception. Callahan and Hunt are also charged with tampering with a witness.

These three pleaded not guilty in federal court on Wednesday.

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