Brian Hoyer name mix-up: Two graduated from same class at Saint Ignatius High School

CLEVELAND - It was certainly an interesting day with news coming out of the Browns, but Wednesday a few people told NewsChannel5 they're still excited about a St. Iggy grad taking the field, including Brian Hoyer's mom. 

"I think it's fantastic," said Debbie Hoyer. But as NewsChannel5 soon learned, Debbie Hoyer isn't Brian E. Hoyer's mother.  She's Brian T. Hoyer's mother, a common confusion she explained since both Brians graduated together as part of the St. Ignatius class of 2004.

Odd coincidence? We know.

We originally went to Debbie Hoyer's home looking for the mother of the new Browns quarterback. Hoyer said the mix-up has provided a few good laughs like the time she ran into a few St. Ignatius students at an airport.

"I was complimenting them on being Ignatius men and my son had gone there and they said, ‘Oh, well, who are you? Who is your son?' And they kind of stopped and looked at me...they were like, ‘Well we know Mrs. Hoyer,' so it was like they thought I was impersonating someone or something. "

Debbie said the confusion only continued as the other Brian continued to excel in sports. As for her Brian, Debbie said, "I always describe my Brian Hoyer as the cute, smart one," she said smiling.

We didn't get to meet Brian T. Hoyer since he was at work, but Debbie said she's sure he's excited as well.  Hopefully, with this story out, they won't receive as many phone calls or visits of people looking for the new Browns quarterback.

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