EXCLUSIVE: One-on-one with quarterback Brian Hoyer's brother after Browns win over Vikings

CLEVELAND - Sunday was exactly what Browns fans were waiting for: a big win for the northeast Ohio area. It was also a first Browns win for Coach Chud and the St. Ignatius grad, Brian Hoyer, who started as the Browns quarterback Sunday.

Later that night, NewsChannel5 spoke exclusively with Hoyer's family, his brother and sister-in-law still beaming with joy.

"Oh it's just amazing, great feeling. Nerve-wracking the entire time but I think you know, we had a great time watching. We're super excited. My heart did not stop pounding the entire time," said Brett Hoyer, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer's younger brother. 

Brett even admitted his heart was still pounding from the early afternoon game, only this time he had a huge smile on his face. So did his wife. 

"Of course! I mean, it's awesome to see his brother do well and I'm cheering for him 100 percent," said Carissa Hoyer. 

The two were still reeling with excitement late Sunday after Brian's debut and win against the Minnesota Vikings. Knowing all too well the pressure of Sunday's game, Brett said, "Certainly with the week and how everything went, we were all on the edge of our seat just hoping everything went well.  After the first touchdown pass, it was just a breath of fresh air, just a sigh of relief if you want to say it. "

They weren't alone. 

The family's North Olmsted neighbors were right there with them, explained Barbara Geisinger, a next door neighbor whose children grew up with the Browns quarterback and his siblings.

"I'm thinking Julie [Brian and Brett's mother] must be in the stands crying because I know I would be! You know, I've done that when my kids were doing some activities - my daughter was a cheerleader for a little. It's just so emotional so it was almost the same as if it was my kids," said Geisinger after watching the game. 

What's next?  Brett said he doesn't know, but if there's one emotion he was certainly feeling right then, it was pride.

"If it wasn't Michigan State or Cleveland, wherever it may be, it's still my big brother out there and I've always looked up to him. I know my family has always looked up to him. So it's good seeing him carry that Hoyer name and do well out there," said Brett.

Hoyer was expected back in town Sunday night so he could celebrate his first win with close friends and family. 

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