Gun sales skyrocket at Broadview Heights store; Prices up at Cleveland gun show

CLEVELAND - Business is booming at gun stores across our region and that includes Stonewall Limited Gun Shop and Pistol Range in Broadview Heights.

"Ten times our business at least, if not more. What I would do in one week, I am doing in one day," said owner Diane Donnett

The scope of the sales range from ammunition to 9 millimeter and AR-15 guns. Donnett said she had about 40 AR-15 guns in stock last month, but within days of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, she was sold out.

"They were gone here within four days. I sold more within four days than I did in the last four years," Donnett said.

She has a waiting list of 50 people who want to get their hands on an AR-15 and the ammunition that goes along with it.

Curtis Bordwell has owned an AR-15 for years. He was at the Ohio Gun, Knife and Military show this past weekend, where he saw more people and higher prices for the guns and ammunition in demand.

"At the gun show, it was seven times busier than normal. Prices were astronomical. Everyone is going crazy buying up ammo and guns, and I don't think anything dramatic is going to happen," Bordwell said.

Some lawmakers are taking aim at specific guns. That's driving up popularity because some believe there may soon be a ban on those weapons.

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