Historic Cleveland Heights mansion used for recent 'Captain America' filming is up for sale

Terminal Tower builder's Harcourt Mansion for sale

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - In the Ambler Heights Historic District of Cleveland Heights across from Halle's Mansion sits Harcourt Manor.

Kermode Gill, the builder of the Terminal Tower, built this Elizabethan Tudor gem for himself nearly 100 years ago. It is a beautiful arts and crafts masterpiece.

The current and second owner is Jim Herget. His family bought the property when he was a boy. Now 70, he has spent most of his life here. Herget gave NewsChannel5 a special tour.

"Think in terms of eights, there's eight fireplaces, eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 8,000 square feet," Harget said.

"This is truly a Christmas house. I almost get emotional because we would have a big fire there, a beautiful tree all of our family and friends would gather around it's a beautiful Christmas house."

"When my parents came in, it was all about sweat equity and working hard and not taking yourself too seriously. We wouldn't buy this house to try and be big shots we bought the house because we thought it was a really nice house and it was really worth preserving. My memories are my own, and my memories of working with my father and mother here and also of bringing my daughters up here it was wonderful," Herget said.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" filmed here, turning the manor's dining room into a bedroom.

"I can't tell you everything that went on because I'm under non-disclosure, but it was Captain America who had an encounter with his girlfriend here. It was a boudoir scene, and that's all I'm allowed to say," Herget said.

He can say what didn't happen.

"Nothing blows up, no fighting, no sword play nothing dramatic."

This house has seen drama, as a boy, Herget would sit in the library and shoot his rubber-tipped arrows through the foyer at a statue.

"The figure in here is actually a target until I was discovered by my mother who made me stop," said Herget.

There are a lot of memories here as Herget moves to the next chapter in his life. He has put Harcourt Manor up for sale.

"My mother always said to me, ‘You never really own anything something like this; you just take care of it for a while,'" Herget said.

Jim is hoping someone will take the manor to the next level keeping it properly maintained and restored. If you are a serious buyer, you may contact the realtor, Steve Toth, at stevetoth@kw.com

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