Indians pitcher Chris Perez found guilty on drug charge, ordered to pay $250 fine

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez has been found guilty of a misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance in Rocky River Municipal Court Tuesday morning.

Perez changed his plea from not guilty to no contest and was sentenced by the judge to pay a $250 fine and one year of community supervision. The judge also told Perez kids look up to him and included speaking to school kids about drugs in his sentence. Perez originally pleaded not guilty through a fax sent to the court by attorneys in July.

Melanie Perez is undergoing a drug test and will be back in court on Sept. 24.The outcome of her case depends on those results.

Authorities charged Perez and his wife Melanie after she accepted two packages containing marijuana addressed to "Brody Baum," a combination of their dog's and her maiden name, delivered to the couple's Rocky River home.

A little more than a third of a pound of marijuana was inside the two packages, as well as mason jars inside the Perezes home, authorities said.

Chris Perez admitted marijuana found in the home was for his own use, according to a police report.

Perez has 21 saves and a 3.15 ERA with the Indians this season.

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