Jobs relocating to Solon from Illinois as Nestle moves pizza division

SOLON, Ohio - Nestle USA will move its pizza division to Solon. The world's largest food company expects about 250 jobs eventually to come from the move and associated growth.

Nestle acquired the pizza division from Kraft Foods in 2010. It makes such brands as DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen,Tombstone and Jack's. The pizza will still be made in Wisconsin. The jobs that are being relocated to Northeast Ohio are high paying, professional and managerial jobs. The payroll for the 250 jobs is expected to be roughly 20 million dollars.

"This is wonderful news for Solon," said Peggy Weil Dorfman Economic Development Manager for Solon. The city of Solon will gain roughly $390,000 in taxes but there is a spin off effect said Dorfman for other businesses in the city.

The restaurant Zoup is near the Nestle complex in Solon.

"I think it's a good thing, might bring more people in," said Zoup manager James Hoag.

The company said the relocated operation can benefit from the proximity to the 53 million product technology center that is being built in Solon. The R&D center will specialize in frozen and chilled foods research. It is expected to open in early 2015.

The employees from outside of Chicago are expected in mid 2014. There are currently 1,975 employees at Nestle in Solon and 2,500 in the state of Ohio.

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