Keep your photos posted on Facebook and other social media private

CLEVELAND - We could learn a valuable lesson from Allyssa Griffiths, a northeast Ohio woman whose photos were stolen online. The person using her pictures and saying they were her got them from Allyssa herself. They had mutual friends.

 "When you see a friend request and you see a lot of mutual friends, you don't think about it," Griffiths said. "No one ever said someone might steal your photos and pretend to be you."

"It was just a wake-up call for all of us [her friends] and how we accepted friend requests," she said. urges social media users to change your privacy settings on Facebook and similar sites so you know who can see what photos.

To see if your photos are safe, you can do a reverse photo search online. Just upload the photo you're looking for, and like a search engine looking for a word or topic, you'll be able to see where the photo has appeared. 

Google is just one of the places you can do a reverse photo search. There are also apps that do the same thing.

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