Lakewood City Council takes up crosswalk at corner of Manor Park and Detroit Avenue

Neighbors want stop light instead of crosswalk

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - The Lakewood City Council sent a letter drafted by Councilman Tom Bullock to the public works committee as they look to talk about what residents call a dangerous crosswalk. It's located at the corner of Manor Park and Detroit Avenue. One person was hit there last week and neighbors complain that there have been numerous near misses.

"I was walking my dog and she was out in front of me and this guy came barreling through," said John, who did not want to give his last name. "I had to grab her and pull her back and he broke at the last second. He did an uncomfortable wave and said sorry. But if I had been looking at my iPhone, [my dog] probably wouldn't be here," he continued.

The issue was brought up quickly during the meeting and a handful of people came to the microphone to speak out.

"I didn't know there was a budget issue," said Cheryl Duncan.

But according to council, it is. Councilman Brian Powers said the state is in control of the road and they decided that the stop light was not needed. He said the state felt four lights among the 30 on Detroit were not needed.

"From the research I've done I don't believe [crosswalks] work. I don't believe motorists pay attention to them," he said.

Mayor Michael Summers said there are a few options on the table including questioning if the crosswalk is even in the right location.

"It may be better in the middle of a block," Summers said.

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