Lyndhurst family who created Eggshelland says farewell to Easter tradition

LYNDHURST, Ohio - It started as a small family project, but it has grown into a larger-than-life Easter display. If you live in Ohio, you've likely heard of Eggshelland.

Eggshelland is a home on Linden Lane in Lyndhurst, where each Easter, the front lawn turns into a child's fantasy land. It's a favorite place for families all over northeast Ohio. They visit to take pictures or to just gaze at the thousands of colored eggshells that have created masterpieces on grass.

[PHOTOS: Eggshelland over the years]

Betty Manolio said her mother-in-law suggested her family put up an eggshell display on their front lawn. They decided on a simple cross to signify Easter. That year was 1957. It took 750 eggs to create the display.

That number kept growing. One year, 50,000 painted eggshells sat on the family's front yard.

"I was pregnant with my oldest son when we started. So my children have done that all of their lives. When they were little, they thought everybody did that at Easter," Manolio said.

Then came the national publicity. Eggshelland was featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not and network news shows. The family was also on the Montel Williams Show.

"We never thought it would turn into this at all."

It's the last Easter weekend you'll be able to visit Eggshelland. The famous display will be taken down April 5. 

Betty's husband, Ron, passed away in August at age 82. He was the mastermind behind projects each year and painted the egg shells, starting months before Easter.

This year's display is dedicated to Ron. The eggshells show his smiling face and a message: "Thank you and goodbye."

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