Northeast Ohio seniors suffering during heat wave

SEVEN HILLS, Ohio - If anyone hates this heat wave gripping northeast Ohio, it's Margaret Mathis. 

The Seven Hills woman already has breathing problems and the hot, humid air makes it worse.

"You see that commercial on television with the elephant on your chest or the concrete block on your chest? That's it," she said. "It's like walking around with a concrete block on your chest."

Mathis isn't alone. Wanda Andreas, an LPN with the Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio, goes into seniors' homes every day to check their vital signs. She's seeing a lot of them suffering from the heat.

"The humidity is so thick that it really impairs their breathing," she said.

Andreas said seniors should stay indoors in this heat.  Those without air conditioners should use fans or visit family or neighbors with air.

"You don't even have to be doing anything," she said. "You can get light-headed. You feel very fatigued. Dizziness. You can actually faint."

She also reminds everyone to drink plenty of water and wear light clothing.

Mathis said she's had enough of the heat. She had a message for NewsChannel5's chief meteorologist.

"Tell Mark Johnson to stop this," she said.

For more information about the Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio and the services they provide go to

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