Parma man in Paris shares firsthand account

Says he's not fearful and will return

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A Parma man, in Paris for a work conference, tells newsnet5 he was just about a quarter mile away from Friday’s deadly terror attacks.
Now, Niko Semertsidis is sharing video and recalling his firsthand account.
“I heard the sirens, but it didn’t click that something was wrong,” Semertsidis said.
Semertsidis got out of the shower and his phone started ringing with family and loved ones checking to see if he was okay. That’s when he turned on the TV and saw the massacre unfolding just down the block from him.
“When they said the concert hall, I was thinking there’s no way it could be that concert hall,” Semertsidis said. "I just walked right through there, but that’s what it was.”
The remainder of the Air BnB conference he was attending was canceled, due to the tragedy.
Talking via FaceTime, I asked Semertsidis if the gravity of the situation had hit him.
“You've got to remember, it’s not just a terrorist attack. People’s lives were lost,” Semertsidis said.
He said he’s also paying close attention to updates from the U.S. Embassy, which knows he is in Paris because he alerted them of his plans before traveling.
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Semertsidis said he does not feel afraid and plans to return to Paris and continue the sightseeing that tragedy cut short.
“I don’t want to be scared to go about living my life and...have cowards like this win,” he said.
If any of your loved ones are in Paris, and use Facebook, the social networking site has created a special safety check in that allows users to let their friends and family know they’re okay.


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