Pick up orders for Angelo's Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday will be long

Lakewood, Ohio - Cheese, sauce and pepperoni -- the three most popular pizza ingredients that will be sold at Angelo's in Lakewood this Super Bowl Sunday.

Brandon Salman who has worked at Angelo's for the past 11 years thinks they will sell around 1,000 pies, and a couple of thousand wings. The numbers are an increase of about 30-40 percent in business.

"Just like both teams in the Super Bowl, we prepare all week for game day," Salman explained.

In all, Angelo's will use about 600 pounds of cheese, 60 gallons of sauce and about 15 pounds of pepperoni.

According to Salman, the lines will be long to pick up your pizza orders.

"It's like people picking up concert tickets."

Halloween is their other big pizza selling day.

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