School, police officials look into Solon rap battle threats between two students on Facebook

SOLON, Ohio - Solon High School officials, along with police, are investigating a threatening rap battle between two students on Facebook.

Solon High School's principal contacted Solon police on Dec, 20 after numerous students and parents reported threats to the school in one of the rap video postings.

According to the Solon police report, the principal said the two 15-year-old male students involved had not been getting along.

One of the student's made a rap song bad mouthing the other student and posted it on Facebook, police said. The other student retaliated and made his own rap song threatening to hurt the other student and made threats to the school. During the retaliation song, knives can be heard being sharpened and gunshots are ringing out in the background.

The rap videos were forwarded to other Solon High School students on Facebook telling them not to come to school the next day.

The principal told police that during the school day on Dec. 20, numerous students went to the school's office and reported their concerns over the rap songs and the possible threat to the school.

In addition to student reports, several parents had removed their kids from school earlier in the day after seeing or hearing about the post.

Solon High School called the parents of one the students involved and told them to come and pick up their son from school. The other student rapper had been out sick over the past couple of days.

For safety reasons, Solon High School's assistant principal checked the student's locker and book bag. No contraband was found.

The incident and report was turned over to Solon Juvenile Court. The students' punishment at school is unknown at this time.

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