Strongsville teachers' strike goes on; students and parents now affected

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The Strongsville Education Association wants parents to read the union's latest proposal. The SEA's negotiating team presented it to the Strongsville Board of Education Sunday night and now the union is making it public.

SEA president Tracy Linscott said the union has made $2 million in concessions and agreed to all of the Board of Education's insurance changes.

Read the latest SEA proposal here (.pdf file):

"The SEA proposal included an unprecedented offer to work an addition half hour a day for free."

Linscott said for the BOE, this strike isn't about money, education or what is best for the community. It's about "the board winning at all costs, regardless of the price," she feels.

On Monday, the strike entered its eighth week and is no longer just affecting parents, teachers and students -- but people trying to sell their home and potential buyers.

Megan Cuevas is with the EZ Sales team at Keller Williams and said the real estate business took notice of the strike during the first couple of weeks.

"Initially, the first two weeks of the strike we noticed a decline in the amount of showings of our listings. I was in the process of negotiating a contract on one of my listings and unfortunately, the buyers chose a different community due to the strike," explained Cuevas.

With the school year winding down, many fear that it will end with the teachers out of the classroom and on the picket line.

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