Weighing whether to go to war with crisis ongoing in Syria

CLEVELAND - A Syrian native who now lives in northeast Ohio and a Middle East expert have firsthand knowledge of life in Syria and what's going on now.

"It's a very tentative situation to start sticking your nose and start launching military weapons from the air," said Josh Stacher, an Assistant Professor at Kent State University and a Middle East Expert.

"What's often said is, well, we have to do something and military intervention is doing something, strikes will do something but it's only going to be a temporary reprieve from the longer dynamics of this war," Stacher said.

If the U.S. strikes, Stacher says the war will likely keep going, but now the U.S. will be involved.

"This is beyond anything we have seen before, almost reminds us of what happened in the second World War," said Khaled Issa.

Issa, a northeast Ohio doctor, was born in Syria. He says if the U.S. does intervene militarily it must be sure it can do enough

"If it's a limited strike and did not affect his manpower, he might retaliate and kill more innocent people inside the country," Issa said.

Overnight on Wednesday, NewsChannel5 reached out to the entire northeast Ohio Congressional Delegation to get their views on a U.S. military invention in Syria.

As of this web posting, the only person we heard back from was a spokeswoman for Congresswomen Marcia Fudge said the congresswoman "wants to review more information before commenting."

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