The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial promises wide scale reenactment with real cannon fire

CLEVELAND - Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend events for The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial. The festival starts Thursday and goes until Monday.

According to the Lake Erie Heritage Foundation's website, "Visitors will be able to tour the ships, enlist as crew members in the reenactment, or be part of the Bicentennial Fleet or Militia."

Seventeen tall ships from around the world are taking part in the festival.

Events include historical demonstrations, taking tours and some sailing rides on some of the tall ships.

The big attraction is the Battle of Lake Erie reenactment on the waters of Lake Erie. It was a major turning point in the War of 1812.

During the battle, Oliver Hazard Perry of the U.S. Navy and his crew of 557 brave patriots prevailed over the British fleet near Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Festival goers won't be able to see the war reenactment from land, but boaters can.

"Cannon fire and everything, the only thing we won't be doing is sinking any boats. The battle looks and feels as original as we can possibly make it 200 years later," said Ryan Whaley with the Lake Heritage Foundation.

"The battle is actually going to be a few miles off of Put in Bay or South Bass Island."

For information on ticket prices for the different events:

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