Chardon High shooter T.J. Lane having trouble in prison; lawyer files appeal to life sentence

CLEVELAND - As T.J. Lane's attorney appeals his life sentence, it appears the 19-year-old convicted of killing three Chardon High School students in a shooting rampage is having trouble adjusting to prison.

Prison officials confirm that, in July, Lane attempted self-mutilation and tried to give himself a tattoo.

Lane was placed in segregation for 10 days due to those incidents.

In recent months, Lane was also given a verbal reprimand and lost 10 days of recreation time for refusing to do assigned prison work.

Lane's attorney Michael Partlow is appealing Lane's life sentence arguing that a juvenile convicted as an adult should not be sentenced to life in prison.

Lane was 17 on February 27, 2012 when he shot and killed students Daniel Parmertor, Russell King Jr, and Demetrius Hewlin and injured Nick Walczak, Joy Rickers  and Nate Mueller.

Partlow said the appeal challenges life in prison without the possibility for parole involving a juvenile offender.

If the Supreme Court doesn't allow a juvenile offender to be sentenced to death, then why is okay to sentence a juvenile offender to life without the possibility of parole argues Partlow.

"The statue limits the parole board from ever granting parole under any circumstances. You're talking about a very young guy (Lane) who knows what he's going to be like when he's 30. 40, or 50 years old,"  Partlow said.

"Not only can they change, but psychology of juveniles so us they will change," Partlow said.

Partlow also met with Lane this past summer and saw nothing that indicated unusual prison behavior.

"He was fine, he was obviously a young man adjusting to prison, but prison tattoos, although prohibited, are common and I don't think that amounts to anything,"  Partlow said.





Chardon High shooter T.J. Lane's lawyer files appeal to life sentence

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