Chardon mayor helps community recover from school shooting

CHARDON, Ohio - Chardon Mayor Philip King has been through what very few leaders have ever had to experience: a school shooting that left three students dead and three others injured. 

He had no handbook on how to deal with the tragedy and the healing process.

King said after Chardon was brought to its knees, this day of remembrance helps get them back on their feet. 

"This is a very important step for all of us to remember this in the right way. Be supportive of each other and continue the healing process so that we can move on, but also remember in a very healthy and very loving way for happened that day," he said.

King said he is proud of the community where he was born and raised.  It's one that he said he believes is extremely resilient.

"Everything that has happened since that day has been very supportive of businesses, individuals, the families affected. I think it demonstrates the quality of people that live here and want to continue to make this the same place it was for all of us," he said.

King said he strongly believes Chardon is moving forward, but he also doesn't want anyone to forget that horrible day.

"It's part of what happened here and it will be part of history and it will be part of what people need to remember. And if it helps other communities be stronger and we can help other communities grow through their tragedies,  I think it will go for a very good cause,"  King said.

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