Fire rages through Jekyll's Kitchen in Chagrin Falls, burns for more than 2 hours

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio - Firefighters battled a fire at 17 River Street in Chagrin Falls at Jekyll's Kitchen that broke out at 12:20 a.m. Wednesday.

According to Katie Knauff, a witness and 911 caller, she heard an alarm as she was leaving her job at a neighboring restaurant and when she turned to see where it was coming from noticed smoke coming from the roof of the restaurant.

According to the Chagrin Falls Assistant Fire Chief Mark Vedder, when firefighters arrived fire was shooting from the front door area. Vedder said they made an attempt at getting into the building but power lines started to arc near where firefighters were fighting the fire, forcing them to back out of the building until power crews could disconnect the power. Once the power was disconnected, the fire had burned through the roof.

Fire investigators have been at the scene all morning but a cause has not yet been determined.

Chagrin Falls firefighters are being assisted by firefighters from Bainbridge, Solon and Orange and Russell Township.

Managing Partner at the Hyde Park Group, Joe Saccone, says it is estimated 35-40 employees are now without jobs as the restaurant will be out of commission until the investigation is done and repairs can be made.

"We closed around 11 o'clock," said Saccone. "The good news is nobody was in the building, the restaurant was closed, and no one was hurt on the fire department. That's phase one, and that's the best part."

Hyde Park corporate staff were joined by Jekyll's Kitchen employees after they heard about the blaze, all helping to clean up the outside patio bar area Wednesday morning while fire crews were cleaning up after a long evening.

Many of Jekyll's servers and workers are hoping to find work in Hyde Park Group's other six restaurants.

"That's our main focus right now is to find...we have other restaurants in the area, so we're going to try to place as many as we possibly can and that's going to be our focus for the next seven to fourteen days," said Saccone.

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