Willowick mom publishes book aimed at helping young kids deal with bullies

WILLOWICK, Ohio - A Lake County mom has published a children's book aimed at helping small children deal with bullying.

Heather Trem became motivated to write the book after her kindergartener told her that she was bullied on the bus to school.

Trem was glad that her daughter spoke up about the incident, but it made her think about kids who may have also faced bullying at a very young age, but maybe didn't know it was wrong or to speak up about it.

"Beat the Bullies" is comprised of three short stories told in rhyme about different ways that children can deal with a bully. 

Trem recently spoke to young students at Royalview Elementary School at a school assembly about respect.

"So many of the children had such nice things to say about it (the book) or they told me stories about things that happened to them on the bus and they didn't know it was wrong. Several thanked me for it and said they tell the bullies to leave them alone now," Trem said.

Trem is happy that kids and parents are reading the book and hopes that it will help kids understand the issue of bullying and will encourage them to speak up and deal with the problem.

Trem, who is a substitute teacher in the Willoughby-Eastlake School District has three young children ranging in age from 2 to 7. 

"Beat the Bullies" is Trem's second book. and is available on Amazon.com. She also wrote a book titled, "Enjoying Toddlerhood: Quick Tips for the Busy Parent."

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