Woman steals flower baskets from senior center in Madison; Director says flowers stolen since 2008

MADISON, Ohio - Laurie Conforte was working on her new design and boutique store, The Pretty Place, in Madison on Monday.

She had flower pots on the sidewalk of her storefront. Disgusted by news of someone stealing from seniors, Conforte may have to hide her outdoor flowers inside at night.

"They (local business people) told me that I may want to keep them inside after business hours," Conforte said.

Conforte has lived here for 10 years. She said it's a great place to live, but there is always someone who feels the need to take something from others.

"It's rare, mostly people are honest and look out for one another," Conforte said.

Madison Senior Center's director Jessica Edwards said flower pots have been stolen from the center since 2008. She said the grainy video looks like the thief is the same woman each time; her cars changing as the years pass.

"Last year, they stole three or four hanging baskets. They also stole a whole flat of chicken and hens plants for an arrangement they were working on for living wreaths," Edwards said.

"It's very sad that, especially here in Madison, we have so many nurseries that you see with signs for baskets for buy one, get one free," Edwards said.

But for one woman in a small, red SUV on July 2 at about 6.p.m. at the senior center, free was her goal.

"The one she just knocked to the ground and I think someone was pulling in after her and she got spooked and left the other one there," Edwards said.

The Madison Police Department said they've had multiple tips from last year's thefts and followed up on some, but so far, no arrests have been made. After reviewing the video, police said they can't confirm it's the same woman from last year.

Edwards is almost certain it's been the same woman for years.

"She's the same height, same walk, same build. It has to be her," Edwards said.

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