1st grader at Avon East Elementary brings AirSoft model gun to school to 'shoot' mean classmate

AVON, Ohio - A first-grader at Avon East Elementary gets suspended for bringing an AirSoft model gun to school to shoot another student.

On Friday, the 6-year-old boy told the principal he brought the pellet gun to school to "shoot another student" because that student had threatened him with a knife.

Once school officials got in touch with parents, the boy's story began to change. The 6-year-old said he brought the fake gun to school because of an altercation at the bus stop between him and two other boys, hoping it would "scare" them.

The boy with the gun has been suspended for 10 days and expulsion has been recommended.

The other two boys admitted to the altercation, with one saying he did threaten to kill the 6-year-old.

The other students' guardians were contacted and said they would talk to their children about the incident.

Faculty members were alerted about the gun in the boy's backpack late in the day, something they said really concerns them. The other boys said they opened the 6-year-old's backpack at the bus stop not believing he had a gun.

Guardians of the other two boys were aware of the ongoing issues between their children, but not with the child who brought the mock .45 caliber compact weapon to school.

No charges were filed against any of the children. Mediation was recommended for two of the boys.

The 6-year-old was told if anything else like this happens again, he will be referred to Lorain County Juvenile Court.


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