ABC Kidz Child Care administrators speak out about rape allegations at Elyria day care center

ELYRIA, Ohio - Lorain County detectives say they have now identified two victims in the Elyria day care rape case.

Heather Koon, a former employee of ABC Kidz Child Care in Elyria, pleaded not guilty in Elyria Municipal Court on Monday to two counts of rape. She was arrested last week after police found a video of her engaging in sexual conduct with a baby. The video was on Koon's laptop.

"It's just sickening," said Tracy Porter, assistant administrator at ABC Kidz. "We love these children here and we try to provide them with a safe and secure environment."

Koon worked at  ABC Kids for about eight months, leaving in April for what administrators say was an "issue with another staff member."

Administrators said she was screened by both the FBI and BCI during the hiring process. 

"She seemed perfectly fine," said Alyssa Anger, the center's administrator. "I trusted her with my daughter so I feel like if I trusted her with my daughter being a mom myself, I would have trusted her with anyone.".

Koon, whom sources say may have worked at as many as four different day care centers over the past two years, is being held under $2 million bond.  She's due back in court on Oct. 15. 

ABC Kids apologized to the families and is referring any parents with concerns to a children's advocacy center for assistance.  The number to call is 440-204-4188.

"We are doing the best we can here," Anger said. "We did everything we could and we're just as shocked and scared.  Everything that they're feeling, we're feeling the same thing."

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