After 20 years in office, Avon Mayor Jim Smith ready to pack it in following project-packed career

AVON, Ohio - For the first time in 20 years, the City of Avon has elected a new mayor. Outgoing Mayor Jim Smith has endured a fruitful yet grinding career.

Mayor Smith has been a barber his whole adult life along with his three brothers. That's what he loves but Smith decided to get involved in the city of Avon like his forefathers.

Mayor Smith's family first arrived in the City of Avon in the late 1860s. They have always had a hand in forming integral parts of the community. Mayor Smith's grandma's brother was the first fire chief and his grandfather John Smith was the first marshal of Avon.

Before he ran for mayor, he was elected to the Board of Education. He also served time as a councilman. When he finally made the decision to run for mayor, he had a set of goals for the city.

"In 1998, I made the statement very clear. If you make me the full-time mayor, I will take you kicking and screaming into the 21st century."

He had vision for the city.

The city was growing and with all the responsibilities that come along with the job of being mayor, it took a toll on his family and his health. 

His pet project was to bring an interchange to the city. It took 16 years in the making but finally it was achieved. Smith said, "That it helps everyone in the community. That is our bread basket."

After 20 years on the job, it is time for him to step down. Incoming Mayor Bryan Jensen will have big shoes to fill but Smith said, "He will do a fine job."

As for Smith, he'll tend to his garden and do what he loves best - being a barber.

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