Avon Eagles and Midview Middies square off on the volleyball court to raise money for Susan G. Komen

AVON , Ohio - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the volleyball team in Avon held court with a fundraising match against the Midview Middies Tuesday.

It has been a long season and though battered and bruised, these young ladies didn't hesitate when asked if they could pitch in to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen fund.

All the proceeds from ticket sales, concessions, raffles and a bake sale go to the Komen fund to help in the quality of life for cancer patients and help in finding a cure.

Avon Senior Erin Cannon said, "It is very close to our hearts. We have all known someone with breast cancer or another form of cancer."

For Liz Zollos, leading by example is a responsibility she owes the underclassman to let them know what a huge undertaking this is.

"The younger girls, the freshman, the sophomores, that they grasp the concept of how important this cause is," said Zollos.

Before the match started, members of the volleyball team escorted breast cancer survivors from the bleachers to the court to honor their courage.

The main goal of Tuesday night's event was education. It was not only to raise money for the fight against breast cancer but to spread the word that early detection and treatment is vital to beating this deadly disease.

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