Avon Lake power plant to switch from coal to natural gas; Station was slated to close in 2015

AVON LAKE, Ohio - The Avon Lake Generating Station has been a fixture along the Lake Erie shoreline for decades, so there was much sadness when it was announced that it would be closing in 2015 and eliminating 75 jobs.

However, the embattled plant has found new life along with its new owner NRG Energy.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, joined by NRG  officials, announced at a Friday morning news conference that the power plant will remain operational by switching from burning coal to natural gas.

The project will require a pipeline to be built to bring the fuel to its new retrofitted boilers and will cost tens of millions of dollars.

All current employees will continue to work at the plant during the three-year conversion project, but once completed, the plant will only require about half the work force of 75 to operate.


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