Teen suspended for punching student, accused of Facebook death threat

ELYRIA, Ohio - Elyria police are investigating a Facebook threat involving two Elyria High School students.

According to police, a parent showed up at the Elyria Police Department on Aug. 30 and reported that a student posted a threat regarding his daughter on his Facebook profile.

The dad told police that the night before he accepted a friend request from a student at his daughter's school. The next day, he received a message that claimed he had assaulted his daughter and that he would kill her next.

The daughter told police the student slapped and punched her in the face while she was walking home from school and off of school grounds a week before. The school didn't know about the attack until after the father and daughter talked to police.

The student was suspended for three days for a different threat.

The Elyria police officer showed the text threat to school administrators who both agreed that further suspension was required. The student's mother was also notified.

Criminal charges for aggravated menacing will also be filed through juvenile court.

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