Family escapes standoff on Root Road in Lorain involving military veteran

Police advise veterans with PTSD to get help

LORAIN, Ohio - The SWAT team was called to a Lorain house Wednesday night  for a standoff involving a military veteran.

The whole incident lasted about an hour after police were called to Root Road just before 7 p.m. for a domestic dispute.

Police said the suspect's family got out of the home right away when things escalated. When officers arrived, they tried to go into the house, but the suspect refused to let them in. They then used a loud speaker to try to get him to come out.

The standoff ended when an officer, who used to be in the military, talked the suspect into surrendering. Police said the suspect is a combat war veteran who did two tours in Iraq.

"After three officers tried to speak to him, eventually there was an officer who has been in our department who's been in the military," said Captain Thomas Mize of the Lorain Police Department. "He was able to establish a dialogue with him and that helped a lot."

"The best thing for him, or any veteran, who is having post-traumatic stress is to get help," Mize said. "I, as a former veteran, and the nation is very appreciative for what they've done, and we owe them some discreet respect."

Lorain police said they're making sure the man is getting help through the local VA.

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