Heroin plaguing Lorain County streets, at least 16 overdoses reported in the last 24 hours

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio - At least 16 heroin overdoses have been reported in Lorain County in the last 16 to 24 hours, said authorities Saturday evening.

Of the 16 overdoses, two have been reported fatal.

Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen B. Evans confirmed he received two bodies Saturday due to heroin overdoses; a man in his 20's from Amherst and a 31-year-old man from Elyria.

Lt. Roger Watkins, of the Lorain Police Detective Bureau, said the overdoses are causes of either bad heroin or extremely pure heroin. He warns anyone of using the drugs, especially after this strange hike of overdoses in the short period of time.

Lt. Watkins said heroin users are predominantly young adults.

The coroner is also aware of the heroin problem plaguing the county.

Dr. Evans said there is obviously something bad with the heroin that's out now due to the spike of overdoses. He adds, "Most importantly I don't think that people should use heroin in the first place."

Many lives were saved Saturday with the help of local police agency's narcotics units, which include officers that are trained with noticing signs of drug abuse and handling victims of overdoses.

If you know anyone who is using drugs or selling drugs, contact your local police and sheriff's department. You can also contact the Official Heroin Hotline at 1-866-788-5707 for help, free of charge. Callers can remain anonymous.

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